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sin city
instagram: jvmielee
@stfu-cuz-i gets the booty
i chew my nails
my car is missing a window
and one of the hubcaps
i'm a creep
i have stalked people
porcelain dolls scare me
some say i procrastinate
i say that's an understatement

Tacos Mexico #lengua #beef #tongue #rice #beans #lunch

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mom: what was that?
me: my shirt fell
mom: it sounded a lot heavier than that...
me: i was in it
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I hate when I’m in class, working on my personal writing and someone leans over and goes “WHat R U wRITing” like your eulogy if you don’t back the fuck up you soggy lampshade 

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"If you could go anywhere in the world right now would it be to a “where” or to a “who”?"

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sex education at its finest


"so do tampons make girls feel like they’re having sex all the time?"

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